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BRHS Course Descriptions




This course incorporates using modules from the Design Studies CTS Strand.  It will give students an opportunity to explore the world of Architecture at the high school level.  There is no prerequisite for this course.



Art is a “hands on” course where students are encouraged to think, look, talk about, and solve problems related to ideas, creativity, and processes of making art.


Ideas and problems concerning artistic design and making art are presented in a context of art’s relevance to our culture.  Lessons are based on what is seen in our society today and what has been seen throughout the history of art.  Students create their ideas, design solutions, and interpretations of culture by looking, thinking, discussing, experimenting, and ultimately, creating with imagination.


Students participate in art by experimenting with a variety of traditional and not so traditional art tools and materials.  For example:  charcoal, pencils, pens, pastels, brushes, inks, paints, papers, cards, glues, glass, wood, wire, and clay are some of the many materials and tools used in the art room.


Emphasis in the art room is to always think creatively, work industriously, and be proud of your results.


Construction Technology

Students develop skills in the use of tools and materials used in construction processes.  They will learn to safely transform common wood materials into useful products.  Students are encouraged to develop personal skills in the shop that can be applied to future work. The program will reinforce learning developed in other subject areas and enhance self-motivated abilities.



 Cosmetology is an interesting course where you get to learn many personal care and grooming tips that will be of benefit the rest of your life.


Students have a real opportunity to pursue a career in this elective class by the time they graduate as many of the modules offered are requirements for the Hairstylist apprenticeship program.  


Creative Writing 

This series of courses provides students the opportunity to develop their writing interests and passions with practice in a variety of genres. They are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and concepts as they learn to manage and market their writing portfolios.



Drama and theatre provide the means not only to reconstruct the world as it is, but also to model human possibilities. In this course you will enhance your understanding of drama by participating in productions, interacting with experts in the field, and acquiring practical and theoretical foundations. During the course of your studies you will gain creative thinking skills, research and analytical capabilities, written and verbal communication skills, as well as rigorous practical and theoretical training in drama.



Fashion Studies

 Fashion affects all aspects of our daily lives – in the home, the workplace and the environment.


Fashion Studies involves the study of clothing and textiles in a variety of contexts.  It is concerned with the design, production and merchandising of clothing, textiles and accessories.  The curriculum prepares students for their roles as consumers, enables them to explore and prepare for fashion related careers, and enhances their personal lives by providing a creative outlet.


Students may choose from a variety of modules that will allow them to specialize in career paths such as digitizing embroidery designs, pattern development, costuming for theatre productions, or development of clothing suited to a specific environment.


Film Studies  

This course combines elements of literature and cinema study.  Media with literary merit will be examined through a study of a variety of contexts including short features, cartoons, television, documentaries and feature films.


Financial Management (Accounting)

Students will learn basic bookkeeping skills that they can use in their personal life and in careers in any business.  They will use spreadsheets and accounting software.  This course is offered for three or six credits.  At the introductory level, students will learn basic bookkeeping for a service business; at the intermediate and advanced levels, students will learn bookkeeping for a retail business, as well as payroll, taxation and management accounting. After completing at least six credits of high school accounting, students would be able to competently manage basic bookkeeping for a small business or a non-profit organization.



Food Studies

Food Studies This is offered in modular format with an emphasis on project-based learning.  Students will begin with core modules in Food Basics and Contemporary Baking and will examine the role of food in daily life.  Emphasis will be on skill development, visual appeal, nutrition, meal planning, and preparation techniques.



A second language is more than another school subject – it is the key to the door that opens to an entire universe of new experiences that are important to both individuals and society at large.  Speaking French opens doors to employment in Canada and around the world.  It also facilitates the learning of other romance languages; Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.  Students enrolled in French sometimes take Spanish 10 concurrently by correspondence.


The French as a Second Language Three-year Program of Studies (Grades 10-12) outlines expectations for students during the course of their study of the French language.  This program of studies is for students who have had very little or no French instruction prior to beginning French 10.  Students starting with French 10 may exhibit varying degrees of fluency in languages they may have learned at home or in elementary and junior high school.  It is hoped that exposure to aspects of the Francophone world, through this program of studies, will spark an interest in lifelong learning about a range of other peoples and cultures.


French 30 can be included in your average for the Rutherford Scholarship or university entrance for most degrees.


Home Electrical/Automotive

The electrical portion of this course will provide you with a good understanding of electrical safety and home electrical circuits.  The automotive section will also give you a good understanding of vehicle care and the inner workings of the two- and four-stroke engine.



Leadership (Career and Transitions Leadership)

Leadership class provides students with an opportunity to learn and to practice the key elements of leadership through peer and mentorship learning opportunities.  The three main areas of learner expectation are:  character and servant leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and project management skills.   Many aspects of the course are student driven.  Students are given the opportunity and are encouraged to develop their own leadership skills, to take risks, and to grow in positive, productive ways in an active, non-threatening environment. 


Legal Studies

Through the study of actual cases, Legal Studies students explore family law, criminal law, and negligence.  They will debate controversial issues such as euthanasia and reproductive technologies, and learn how landmark court decisions change the law and our society.  There will be mock trials and guest speakers, as well as field trips to the local RCMP detachment and to the courthouse in Grande Prairie.


Digital Media

Students discover and develop skills to relay a message effectively using various forms of media, including animation, print, photography and audio/visual.



The objectives of the 3-credit courses in psychology will focus on the scientific approach to understanding human behaviour so that students may appreciate more fully the reasons that underlie one’s own acts and those of one’s fellows.




The objectives of the courses in sociology are designed to develop within the student a better understanding of group behaviour.  They should feel themselves to be a part of society, understand its influence on their lives, and visualize their roles in societal change.



This course will introduce you, safely, to the basic postures (asanas), breathing techniques and relaxation methods of yoga. It will also introduce you to the historical roots of yoga and give you an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology as it applies to the discipline. (Yoga will not be taught as a religion, but as a physical and mental practice to increase health and well-being)


You will develop an enhanced appreciation for, and acceptance of, your body. The program is designed to allow you to experience the benefits of increased flexibility, strength, focus and concentration. You will learn to be non-judgmental about your own and others’ yoga practice. Through continued practice, you will relieve stress, learn to relax and experience the health benefits of a yoga practice.