Peace Wapiti Public School Division receives mental health grant from Alberta Education

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWPSD) is thrilled to have been awarded a substantial mental health grant from Alberta Education. The funds have been awarded for two years – January 2023 to December 2024.

The Division will begin recruiting four new staff members including a full-time Peace Wapiti Outreach Team Lead and three Family Support Workers. The grant dollars will cover salary, benefits, professional development, certification and mileage; and the Division will centrally support the technology, space and supervision of this group.

Assistant Superintendent Heather Putio would like to thank her team for making this possible. “I am really proud of the innovative ideas that our committee brought to the table and out of that we were able to develop a proposal that is unique and in direct response to our identified needs.” The grant committee included the PWPSD Wellness team leads, PWEC principal Kate Thon, District Principal Karen Chrenek, and Assistant Superintendent Shawn O’Shea. Assistant Superintendent O’Shea says the team is grateful for its partnership with Peace Collaborative Services, which contributed to the application and will be providing additional support when needed.

The team will be building on the current strategies that have proven successful within PWPSD and will be supervised and implemented by Assistant Superintendent O’Shea.

A big thank you goes to the Government of Alberta for the continued support toward student mental health and wellness.